Who are we

Genker Machinenfabriek is already since 1973 active on the market of the drive technology. From 1997 as an independent company, formerly part of the German ‘W.&H.Neukirchen’-group which already early 1950s, had begun with the production of worm wheel gear technology.

Our machine park consists of high-quality CNC-controlled machines that guarantee an optimal quality, our employees have the necessary expertise to deliver high quality products.

GMF provides a number of standard products, but in many cases specific wishes of the customer should be added. We provide customized drives to exceptional quality for practice-oriented applications; we even succeed in deliver this tailor-made at relatively short notice. Therein lies our distinctiveness.

Products of GMF
The Genker Machinenfabriek performs a number of standard engines. But if appropriate, the specifications and implementations may be adjusted at the request of the customer.